The Rule Foundation has moved to online applications from 8th May 2020 – all applications should be submitted through our new SmartyGrants platform.

Please go to SmartyGrants to apply:

You are welcome to discuss your project with us before you submit an application.  Please contact us and we’ll get back to you.

The Rule Foundation does not have a set format for accountability, or require proof of expenditure (i.e. receipts). We do however love to hear of the work organisations we have funded have done.

We ask that recipients of a Rule Foundation grant email us a report, photos, videos, link to a website/resource or any other type of output from a project that might arise. We send out a friendly reminder 12 months after you receive your grant to send us these. If you’re unsure what we’d like to see from your project or initiative, just contact us to discuss.

We also ask that those have received funding from the Rule Foundation recognise that in some way. See recognising our support for more.