The Rule Foundation welcomes enquiries and applications for funding from groups at any point throughout the year.

Applications for project funding are received throughout the year and are assessed by the Trustees on a case-by-case basis.

Funding criteria

Criteria for support include:

  • alignment with the Foundation’s purpose and priorities
  • a transparent and obvious benefit to the LGBTI community in Aotearoa
  • the ability of the applicant to deliver the proposed project
  • the availability of funds and alternative funding sources.

Please note that the Foundation does not fund individuals or commercial activities; or activities that are considered operational or business as usual. While we don’t necessarily require an organisation to be a legal entity (i.e. an incorporated society or charitable trust), we do require that the bank account donations are paid too are in the name of the organisation, and not an individual. Larger organisations may also act as fund holders for smaller initiatives.

If you are unsure, please contact us and one of our Trustees will be in touch.

What we fund

Check out the What we fund page.

How much we fund

$500 – $2,000

Up to 10 ‘quick response‘ amounts are allocated per year.

A decision is usually made within 2-4 weeks.

$2,000 – $5,000

3 – 5 allocations of this size are generally made per year.

These requests are subject to a higher level of scrutiny, and will often require applicants to converse with a Rule Foundation trustee. Decisions are usually made within 1-2 months.


Allocations over $5,000 are only awarded after the applicant has worked alongside a Rule Foundation trustee.  Multi-year allocations may be available for projects that demonstrate a long term or wide reaching benefit for LGBTI in New Zealand.

Applying and accountabilities

Funding application template and form

Download the Rule Foundation’s Funding Application Form (.docx) <- Updated August 2019.

Refer to this Funding Application Example (PDF) to see the type of information we require.

You are welcome to discuss your project with us before you submit an application.  Please contact us and we’ll get back to you.


The Rule Foundation does not have a set format for accountabilities, or require proof of expenditure (i.e. receipts). We do however love to hear of the work organisations we have funded have done.

We ask that recipients of a Rule Foundation grant email us a report, photos, videos, link to a website/resource or any other type of output from a project that might arise. If you’re unsure what we’d like to see from your project or initiative, just contact us to discuss.