The Rule Foundation seeks to increase its capital fund so that we can continue to support a growing number of groups and projects. We gratefully welcome one-off or regular donations at any time.

Donations are incorporated into our capital base, unless otherwise requested. All donations are acknowledged and a receipt issued. Most donations qualify for a 33% tax rebate up to the annual net income of the donor; visit the IRD website for more information.

Ways to donate

You can donate a number of different ways:

Credit card

Donate by credit card through GiveALittle.

Online banking

Make a deposit or automatic payment to our bank account:

Rule Foundation

Send a cheque made out to the Rule Foundation to:

Rule Foundation, c/- Jackson Stone
Level 12
11 Hunter Street
Wellington 6011

Payroll giving

The Rule Foundation is an approved donee with the IRD for payroll giving. Simply ask your employer to deduct a regular donation from your pay. You’ll need our name (Rule Foundation) and bank account number (12-3019-0026730-00).

Making a bequest

Making a legacy in your will does not affect your income during your lifetime. However, you can continue to assist our work from your afterlife! A gift through your will can be for a specific amount, or part of your estate, or the residue (what’s left over) after distributions, or any kind of property or realisable (sellable) assets.

Unless you request otherwise, we will add your legacy to our capital base to increase the amount we can distribute each year from investment income. Please contact us if you have questions about how to make a bequest to the Foundation.

Some suggested clauses for Wills:

Bequest to the Rule Foundation

I give free of all duties the sum of $______ [or ___% of the remainder of my estate] to the Rule Foundation to be held as capital for its general purposes. The official receipt of the Rule Foundation will be sufficient discharge to my Executors/Trustee.

Residue to the Rule Foundation as Substitutionary Beneficiary

If the above Trusts shall fail I give my residuary estate [or the sum of $____________] to the Rule Foundation for its general purposes. The official receipt of the Rule Foundation will be sufficient discharge to my Executors/Trustee without their needing to see to the application of this gift.