Research, the first of its kind in New Zealand, is being conducted to understand how our funding levels for the rainbow community stack up against international levels, with initial investigations suggesting that local funding falls well below the Global or Australian standard.  

To look into this further, local rainbow funders, The Rule Foundation and Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust (RNZCT) are proud to announce a joint research collaboration into Philanthropic funding that targets Rainbow/LGBTIQA+ organisations, projects and initiatives in Aotearoa.

Rainbow Philanthropy, or Rainbow funding, refers to the money that is awarded, granted or contracted for the purpose of increasing wellness for those who have a Rainbow identity. Rainbow is the term used throughout this research to represent the communities or identities which exist along the continuums of sexuality, sex, gender identity and gender expression.

Inspiration for this project comes from similar research done overseas. The Global Philanthropy Projects report into Philanthropic giving around the globe indicated that of every $100 given via philanthropic means globally, $0.17 (or 17 cents) went to support LGBTI issues in 2015 & 2016. A similar report in Australia found that $0.40 of every $100 was given to LGBTI causes during the debate for marriage equality. Initial investigations in Aotearoa suggest the levels of funding here are much lower than either the Australian or Global levels identified in these reports.

Over the next month, funders and grant recipients will be asked to complete an online survey, asking high level information about where their funding came from/went too, priority areas, and challenges when it comes to Rainbow funding.

In addition to the responses received via survey, information from publicly available annual returns filed with the charities register will be used to gather information.

Once the information gathering and analysing process is complete, the Project Partners anticipate releasing a report into the findings from this research, with the report being made publicly available. The report is intended to provide an evidence base off which those making grants for Rainbow purposes in Aotearoa can use to inform their decision making, and as a tool for those seeking funding can use.

Funders (including Government, Crown entities, public trusts and private foundations) and grant recipients (including organisations, businesses, charities, groups with no formal legal status and individuals) are invited to complete the survey now: 

Survey responses are being accepted until Wednesday 2nd October 2019.

For any further enquiries, contact us.

About the survey

Purpose and outcomes of this survey

The purpose of this survey is to gain an understanding of how much funding is going into Rainbow community organisations and other Rainbow projects in Aotearoa, and where the funding is coming from. It is intended to be a starting point for a conversation about how Rainbow communities can be sustainably funded, and provide an evidence base for those making decisions about funding Rainbow communities. The survey was inspired by similar ones undertaken by the Global Philanthropy Project and The Channel (Australia).

On closure of the survey, the responses will be collated and combined with other publicly available information (e.g. annual returns available on the Charities Services website) to produce a report. The report will be published and available online and in print. All those who participate in the survey will receive a copy of the report via email.

Except where permission is explicitly obtained, no identifying information about people or organisations will be published in the final report.

What we mean by ‘Rainbow’
Throughout this survey, we will refer to ‘Rainbow’ to mean communities or identities which exist along the continuums of sexuality, sex characteristics, gender identity and gender expression. Typically the acronym LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex) is used in many areas and may be more readily identifyable to some people. We intend this survey to be as widely inclusive as possible, including but not limited to many words that people may choose to use about themselves, such as: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Demisexual, Queer, Transgender, Trans, Transsexual, Gender Diverse, Non Binary, Intersex, Takatāpui, Whakawahine, Tāhine, Vakasalewalewa, Fakaleiti, Tangata Ira Tane, Tóngzhì, Mahu, Palopa, Fa’afafine, Akavaine, Fakafifine, Questioning, Asexual, Agender, Genderqueer, and Genderfluid.

Who can participate?
We are inviting organisations who has given or received funds for a charitable or public good purpose that specifically targets Rainbow populations to complete the survey. This includes community groups (incorporated and unincorporated), service providers, funders large and small and government agencies.

We are not asking individuals who have received scholarships to complete the survey, or individuals or groups (e.g. a Rainbow network in a workplace) who have made personal donations or fundraised. 

If you are unsure about participating for any reason please feel free to contact us.

What are we asking?
We are specifically asking about funds given or received from mid-2015 through to mid-2019, aiming to align four years of Financial years information. (This is explained more in depth later on). There are also some qualitative/narrative questions we ask.

Kia ora!
A quick thank you to Philanthropy New Zealand, Global Philanthropy ProjectreFrame and The Giving Circle for advising the development of this initiative.