The Rule Foundation is a charity concerned with the welfare, wellbeing, health and visibility of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (GLBTI) people in New Zealand. You can find out more about us on our website at This report covers the thirteen months since August 2014.


The Foundation’s capital base was $1.79 million at 31 March 2015; a $132,000 increase over the previous year. The Foundation disbursed $48,182 and ended the financial year with forward commitments of $11,785. Operating expenses were $1,552; 3.1% of total spend. For further information, please refer to the reviewed financial statements attached.

Trustee John Mayes

In December 2014 John Mayes retired as a trustee; a role he had held since the Foundation’s inception in 2009. Earlier John advised the Foundation’s predecessor, the Rule Trust. We are grateful to John for his time and interest, and acknowledge his significant contribution over many years to the wellbeing of rainbow communities, both in his home town, Wellington, and nationally through his efforts with Gay Line.

New trustees Duncan Matthews and Sam Mackay

The Foundation advertised two trustee positions throughout NZ earlier this year, and received considerable interest. We are delighted that Duncan Matthews (Auckland) and Sam Mackay (Wellington) have joined us as new trustees. They have had an immediate positive impact on Foundation policy and operations, with a new application form being developed and fresh ideas about marketing and lower-level project funding.

Over the past year we supported or committed support to:

  1. Silver Rainbow $7,600, including $4,000 to the School of Nursing, Auckland University, to complete development and publication of the education resource kit: Caring for Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Residents in Aged Residential Care. $3,600 enabled two involved in the project to attend and present at aged care conferences in Australia. This raises the total given to this project over four years to $62,100.As the resource development phase wound down, we are grateful to OUTLine for caretaking Silver Rainbow through much of 2015. An indication of the quality and timeliness of the venture was the approach by the Australian National LGBTI Health Alliance requesting use of the Silver Rainbow name and resource in Australia. This resulted in a significant trans-Tasman collaboration culminating in a memorandum of understanding that cements relationships and facilitates the sharing of resources for the benefit of rainbow communities both sides of ‘the ditch’.
    Closer to home, we are very pleased indeed that Affinity Services Ltd has recently agreed to take the resource to the next level, out into the aged care sector nationwide. Affinity has an impressive track record of service delivery to and on behalf of the rainbow community, as exemplified by the Rainbow Tick initiative.
  2. Rainbow Youth $6,300, including $4,500 for professional development workshops, and $1,800 for a staff member to attend the Health Alliance conference in Canberra in August.
  3. HealthWest Auckland $6,250 for Nurse Practitioner Mo Harte to attend a certificate course in transgender healthcare in Chicago in 2016.
  4. OUTLine NZ $5,000 in acknowledgment of support for the Silver Rainbow aged care project and general work for LGBTI communities.
  5. Auckland 2016 4th Asia-Pacific OutGames $3,000 to assist with organisational capacity and marketing. Unfortunately the event is not now proceeding under the OutGames banner.
  6. University of Auckland $3,000 for research by Sophie Sills into lesbians in sport.
  7. Holocaust Centre of NZ $2,500 towards Professor William Spurlin’s visit in 2016 to give a nationwide series of talks about gay and lesbian persecution under the Nazi regime and during the Holocaust.
  8. Otago University Students Association (OUSA) Queer Support $2,500 for: the Dunedin diversity hui Part II ($1,000), and establishment of new youth group Alphabet Soup ($1,500).
  9. Agender NZ Inc $2,000 for transgender community support and advocacy.
  10. Gay Line Wellington $2,000 for website maintenance and general expenses.
  11. QSA Network Aotearoa (since named InsideOUT) $2,000 for outreach workshops in Whanganui.
  12. Mangere East Family Services $1,200 to support participation in the ‘Transitioning Together’ schools production in South Auckland.

Donations to the Foundation

This year we continued to receive donations through online banking and the Spark Foundation’s Give A Little website. Our sincere thanks to those who support us in this way.

Thanks too to my trustee colleagues for their continued interest in and focus on the Foundation’s purpose: advancing the health and wellbeing of NZ’s rainbow communities.

Stephen Park, Chair 31 October 2015